Digital Caricatures!

I do events (b-day, office, holiday, wedding, convention, etc.)  Please contact me for rates and availability. I offer traditional and digital Caricatures.   Depending on location there may be a gas charge.  2 hour minimum for traditional and digital, possibly more for some locations. 

Traditional: I typically draw black and white head and shoulders for events, as I draw 20 to 25 people per hour. I can add bodies which I do about 12 to 15 hourly. For color, I can do about 10 to 12 per hour.   I can draw just about any sport, hobby, event for the body. I can add personalized text and/or you can provide me w/ your own background and I can pre-print it.  I typically use 11x17 paper, but can use 8.5x11 upon request.  ***Side views and doggie caricatures available upon request.

Digital:  It take about 10 minutes per person for color (B/W 8 min.).  I recommend head/shoulders since paper size is small, available in black and white or color. I use a laptop/tablet to digitally draw, print it out on 4x6 photo paper and place in "badge" lanyard.  I bring TV screen on a stand so the crowd can see.  If you provide me with you company logo I can have it on template to print out on picture.  

****Digital is great for getting attention at conventions!!!!!

Caricatures by Mary

Traditional Caricatures: